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This site is for the tabletop role playing game Zombie Survivor.   It is a home-brewed amalgamation of several games pieced together to make a very easy to learn and play Zombie game.  Most Zombie Apocalypse games are hard to get into with very confusing mechanics and overly long rule books that take away from the fun of playing the game.  Best of all, since it's a home-brew game it will forever be free!!

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 Well it has been a while since I have posted anything on here.   A few months ago my personal life became pretty hectic and I have not been able to work on the game or even my YouTube crafting channel I  started for this game.  I am waiting for things to calm down in the next few weeks and begin to start work on everything again.  I did start on Version 2.0 of the rules and started making the new PDF's for them as well which will have more streamlined rules and divided into a few PDF's which will make adding new pages if need be easier than modifying entire pdf's.   


One of the changes will be eliminating the Zombies AC score.   Since they just get knocked down and then get back up and get full health if they aren't killed, having an AC score for them is useless and makes the game a tad bit more difficult than it already is. 


I am also writing up a new Hostiles pdf which will include all the different types of enemies, zombies and non-infected hostiles, you will encounter in this game.


The new PDF's will be:

  1.  The Survivor Guide (Core rules for the game)
  2.  The Survival Gear Handbook (List of descriptions, cost, weight, etc of all Items in the game)
  3.  The Book of Hostiles (List of all enemy types and classes of hostiles in the game)
  4.  The Zombie Master Guide (A guide to running and creating adventures and campaigns for the game)


After those are done I will start writing up the Adventure modules I have outlined after I have fully fleshed them out.


For those who have checked out the game and downloaded it so far thanks for doing so!!





Version 1 of the game is now live.   You can find the PDF's over on the Downloads page.  I apologize if there are any spelling mistakes.   If somethings aren't fully explained either use your gaming experience to make up rules for them.   Don't forget, you can always leave a comment on the Comments page and I will answer back.


After Christmas I will be trying to make some supplements for the game such as adventure modules, more professions, additional zombies/mutates & enemies as well as Zombie Master game aids.


My goal with making this site is to create a place where people new and old to the hobby can come to and find information about Zombie Apocalypse rpg gaming.   Not just for my game, but for all games for this genre.   While trying to find a place to go to for Zombie table top games, I really haven't found too many websites that cater to this genre and instead found bits and pieces scattered across the web and mainly on forums for people looking for specifically this type of game. 


By posting links to sites where you can buy terrain and models or download them and print them out for free and even YouTube channels that could inspire or teach you how to to build own world's from scratch, I am hoping to try and get more people into this great hobby of gaming and crafting and make it easier to jump into the fun!


As the days go by I will be trying to get a community of zombie lovers going and if there's enough interest here, I will try and get a forum going for people to discuss this game if they like the simplicity and expansiveness it has.   I also have plans after I get the rule books finished and posted  to start some live streams or just post some videos of me painting my miniatures and  crafting my buildings and city street & sidewalk tiles ( I made some earlier versions of them that were inspired by the YouTube Channel GamingGeek and how he made is tiles for Marvel's Crisis Protocol.  I liked them so much and they worked great, but I have since came up with a plan make them better and more durable). 


What's next for Zombie Survivor?

Here is a short run down of what I am currently working on in terms of game rules.

  1.  Scavenging and Crafting - Players will have more options when scavenging locations like breaking open containers or breaking down items for materials.  With said materials, players will then be able to craft items if they have enough applicable resources.
  2. Settlement Building - Players will be able to scavenge for/purchase resources and then build their own fortified camps or compounds.  Players will be able to leave their settlement and go off on adventures and be able to come back to their belongings.   Players will also have to fend off other survivors and the undead.
  3.  Vehicles - Players will be able to fix up vehicles and use them to get from place to place.  Players will have to scavenge for fuel and vehicle parts.
  4. Merchants - With the introduction of various items and game mechanics mentioned above, I have yet to implement how to run a merchant shop.  When I have wittled down all of those items I will make a complete of all items available.
  5. Professions - The new professions will be the Construction worker, Farmer and the Engineer/Mechanic.
  6. Items - Items like scopes and silencers will be incorporated into the game.
  7. More rules to "flesh out" the hit location mechanic will be incorporated.
  8. I will also be going through the current booklets and restructuring them so the layouts will be easier to add new expansions into the game without having to reprint sections of the PDF's.   Example - I am currently planning on taking out the items and weapons lists from the main rule booklet and making a Survivors Gear booklet out of it, so it is easier to add items to it.
  9. I will be going through the book and rewording and explaining things a bit better.  One bit of feedback was that the person couldn't clearly understand some combat rules.   Another person said they didn't understand some of the abbreviations, so it turns out I second guessed myself and ignored my initial thoughts about including one.


These will start popping up after the New Year.

Well I am happy to announce that I just finished creating the intro for my YouTube channel!!

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2022 -  In the next few weeks I'll start uploading my own instructional videos on how to paint and build custom terrain in the 1/72 scale size.   This scale matches my current selection of gaming miniatures.   Smaller buildings and structures means more on the table!  These buildings will be be large enough to accommodate playable interiors and multi-levels.


Most DIY terrain channels on YouTube show you how to build for the 28mm-32mm size thats more for Dungeons and Dragons or Warhammer.   I will be creating the buildings in a different manner but using the same materials,  it will just be slightly more cost effective than going through all that foam core board.


I also created a new Twitch channel, so I can stream some miniature painting videos every week.   I have hundreds of miniatures to paint, so hopefully some of you can join me!

Don't forget to subscribe on both channels and hit that notification bell so you'll be notified when I start uploading!!

Twitch Channel:

Well sad news.  My digital camera decided to stop working on me so I wont be making any videos until after I get a new one.  My webcam isn't good enough to film good quality videos.

YouTube Channel: 

New Video is up!!


All links I have posted here are for resource purposes only.  I am not affiliated with any of these websites, games, products, Youyube channels & their creators what so ever!  I haven't been paid or asked to promote them or their products here.  I have either bought their products if purchasing is required or downloaded them if they are free and putting their links up as suggestions for everyone here to use or really enjoy their Youtube channels and think they can help you create your own gaming tables with their videos.

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